Item Details

  • Vintage Buck Rogers rocket pistol together with TrueReplica™ Box and hand-crafted replica holster
  • Daisy all-metal XZ-31 space pistol measures 10" in length, dates to the 1930s and is in very good condition
  • Offered with superb quality reproduction holster and professional quality TrueReplica™ box
  • USD $849 plus S&H

Buck Rogers Rocket Pistol & Holster Set

Made from stamped and cast metal, this futuristic sidearm is the rare variation on the more recognized atomic pistol. Amazingly styled to evoke the look and feel of the side arms from the comic strip and late-1930's serials, has that "blued" look, quite dramatic and evocative of the comic-strip art. This is one of the rarest of the pistols and is yet another must-have for the devoted early sci-fi collector, particularly those in pursuit of early licensed toys.